Lizde Kurt Belma

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    5 March 1971, Sarajevo 

    tel: 061 487641



    Academy of Dramatic Arts in Sarajevo, Acting Department, Class of Prof. Miralem Zubčević



    “Love is...” directed by Jasmila Žbanić

       Awarded at the Sarajevo Film Festival in 1998

    - “Night Watchman” directed by Namik Kabil

    - “Shopping” directed by Alen Drljević

    - “Cultural Heritage in Southeast Europe” (TV series in English) ERNO


    Prominent roles:       

    - “Hasanaginica”, directed by Mustafa Nadarević,

       National Theatre, Sarajevo

    - “Graffiti on Virtue”, directed by Tanja Miletić-Oručević, SARTR

    - “Leonce and Lena”, directed by Manfred Weber, National Theatre, Sarajevo

    - “Die Verlobung von San Domingo”, directed by Manfred Weber, Kleisttheater, Frankfurt an der Oder

    - "Woyzek", directed by Manfred Weber, National Theatre, Sarajevo

    - "Babylon", directed by Herbert Gantschacher, "ARBOS" Klagenfurt

    - "Macbeth", directed by Dino Mustafić, MESS, Sarajevo

    - “All about Women”, directed by Kaća Dorić, SARTR

    - “Nightmare about Bosnia”, directed by Faruk Loncarevic, Youth Theatre, Sarajevo

    -”Measure for Measure”, directed by Aleš Kurt, National Theatre

    - “Revizor”, directed by Dritero Kasapi, National Theatre, Sarajevo

    - “Warrior Square” directed by Dino Mustafić, Youth Theatre

    - “Freaks”, directed by Dino Mustafić, Youth Theatre

    - “God, War and the Rest” directed by Aleš Kurt, SARTR

    - “Flycatcher”,directed by Aleš Kurt, Chamber Theatre 55



    -          “Pinochio in trouble”, Aparat theatre 2010.

    -          “ Plumb BO-BO, ZU”, Aparat theatre/ Sartr theatre2014.

    -          “ Wolf in love”, Edus/Aparat theatre/ Sartr theatre 2014

    -          “Papa Loewe und seine glueckliche Kinder”, Youth theatre 2016

    -          “BO-BO i ZU, prvi dan u vrtiću”, Aparat theatre/ Sartr

    -          Clown performance “Everyman”, Aparat theatre/ FUU ( Festival of street art)

    Stage and costume design

    -          “ Plumb BO-BO, ZU”


    Exhibition  at galery ”Black box”- 2011.

    Member of Assosiation of costume  and fashion designer - Modiko-2012.

    Fashion show with Modiko- 2012.

    Participation at  Zagrebačkom fair- autumn 2012.

    Participation at Assembly-Designfestival  in  Graz- spring 2013.

    Interactiv  exhibition ”hang on” at international showcase  during fashion week in London 2013.

    Participation at Salon of 6-april in Collegium artisticum 2013.

    Participation at  Assembly- Designfestival in Graz –spring 2014.



    - Best female performance for the role of Medea at the Theatre Fest 1999 and the Mravac Award for best female performance at the Days of Youth Theatre in Mostar, 1999.

    - MESS 2001, Brave New World award for the ensemble of the play “Nightmare about Bosnia” .

    - Most Exciting Moment award for Bosnian Blues performance in “Nightmare about Bosnia” at the Festival of BiH Drama in Zenica in 2002.

    - Days of Youth Theatre in Mostar, 2002, Mravac Award for the role of Marquise de Merteuil in “Quartet”.

    - Actress of the Year Award, 2002, BH Radio 1 for numerous roles

    - Mirna Filipan Award for Best Actor/Actress, 2004

    - Mostarska liska Festival 2005, Best Actress Award for role in “What Now?”

    - The Editorial Board of TmačaArt Magazine for Drama, Theatre and Education, 2005 Award for best duo performance: Belma Lizde Kurt and Mario Drmać

    - 29th/33rd Mostar Theatre Festival, 2008, First Prize for duo performance: Belma Lizde Kurt and Mario Drmać for their roles in “Warrior Square”

    -24th Theatre Games in Jajce, Award for Best Actor/Actress for role in “Warrior Square”

    - Prespa Festival, Best European Actress Award for role in “Warrior Square”

    - “Mostarska liska” Award for role in “God, War and the Rest”

    -Award for Best Actor/Acress for role in “God, War and the Rest” and “Freaks” at the 27th Theatre Games in Jajce           

    -Theatre Award “Facebook Friends” 2009 – Best Acress in BiH



    Summer school for actors, dancers, directors and script writers in Pula, training through series of workshops:

    - “Theatre Education”, moderator Jim Morrion

    - “Actor faces Text” moderator Richard Hahlo (Info: Richard Hahlo is an actor, director and teacher. He trained in theatre at Exeter University in England, and won a scholarship to continue acting studies at the University of California at San Diego, USA.)

    - “Theatre and Movement” moderator William Fisher

    (INFO: William Fisher School of Theater Director, Associate Professor, Head BFA Theater Performance Program )

    - “How to Fly – The Fundamentals of Modern Dance”, moderator Helge Musial

    (INFO: The genre-crossing work he created as a leading member of the innovative Tanzfabrik Berlin. Between 1998 and 2005 Helge worked as lecturer for Dance at the University of Arts in Berlin.Currently he works as lecturer for Choreography at Dartington College of Arts in England.)

    Also workshops for stage speech and gesture, such as: ancient verse, Semitic folk dances, fundamentals of No-drama, French poets, etc.

    Participant of “Clown School” workshop, moderator Lee De Long

    Participant of “Modern dance”workshop, moderator” Teatro Novoga Fronta”

    - “Pinocchio,” a play in English with children actors from the Altera lingua school of languages.

    - “Alice in Wonderland,” a play in English with children actors from the Altera lingua school of languages.

    -6-month workshop about Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” with children from SOS Kinderdorf

    -basics of biomechanics “How to fly to Europe” – contemporary dance workshop led by Branko Potočan

    -“Introduction to contemporary dance and choreography”contemporary dance workshop led by Thomas Steyaert

    2007 co-faunder of Aparat theatre and ever since it’s artistic director

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